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Welcome to Ali Bagley Coaching

helping you to sell your stuff,
without paying someone else to do it for you
and without having to actually ‘do selling’!!


I am a Multi-Award Winning Business Writers Coach, Best Selling Author,

Radio Show Host and a Master Geographer of Emotions

and I am here to help you grow.


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Writers Coach of the Year 2023: Ali Bagley

…in the UK Enterprise Awards 2023!

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The Why, Who & How of creating a Calling Card Book For Your Business

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The Why, Who and How of Writing Your Calling Card Book for Your Business


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The 7 Keys to the Art of Successful Networking


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  • Business Book Mastery
  • The Camera and You
  • From Idea to Storyboard
  • Over £1,000 worth of learning, knowledge share, tools and tactics to support you in growing your reach, your skills, your engagement and your business.
  • A bi-weekly Q&A ‘surgery’ live with me and other program members
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Here’s what people have to say . . .


Collaborating with Ali has been quite exhilarating, her entrepreneurial approach, work ethics and professionalizing with an empathetic touch, has been quite an exquisite experience. Looking forward to many more ventures together in embracing the masses in dreaming BIG. Ivy B

Ali’s creative and just do it approach is focused on freeing and empowering your inner writer to share your message. Ali’s step by step program helps organize your thoughts and gets you writing from day 1. Her book writing formula is genius and helps you plan, structure and give life to your book. Lots of great advice and guidance to take the angst out of getting started and gets you writing! Susan L

A key lady that has helped me make my dream to publish my book into reality was Ali Bagley Coach, Author, Publisher and GOE and now she has launched her new book: Love being the Boss, Hate Business, which I wished had been available when I first started my business. Such an incredibly helpful read. Marie J

I took away all the valuable advice you gave us in the various modules: from nailing my niche to planning time to write, from creating engaging blogs and social media posts to blueprinting my book, the latter is on my priority list. So, thank you again for delivering  such an interesting course. It was fun, insight and learning, all at the same time. Marco B

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Who am I and How Do I Help YOU

I make dreams come true by building your skills, confidence and knowhow.

I am a Business Writers Coach working specifically with coaches and small business owners in the service provision fields.

I replace your fear with skills, knowledge, tools and the motivation to get your content, course and calling card book conceived, developed and out there.

I believe that knowledge and skill sharing is important

So I help Coaches like you who want to have a book as a lead magnet for your business, that establishes you as an expert in your niche and enables your clients to get to know, like and trust you quickly and easily

To go from concept to published

So you can feel accomplished, visible and significant

Through strategy development, blueprinting and confidence building

Because I know you want growth and recognition for your business

And this matters to me because it builds both our businesses in a way I love

Business Writers Coach

I replace your fear with skills, knowledge, tools and the motivation to get your content, course and book conceived, developed and out there.