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Write Up Your Ali

my radio show on Big Ear Radio

Featuring news, reviews, interviews and training, all designed to support you and inspire you in your writing projects and much more . . .


Each week a new episode . . .

Book reviews of books sent in by listeners, local and international authors, from all genres

Interviews with incredible people who have overcome so many issues and challenges to get their books written

A bit of training or advice on how you can tell your story, whatever your level of ability

Write Up Your Ali – The Videos

Want to watch the interviews instead of just listening?

Here are the videos of the interviews for your enjoyment.

Show 1 with Aisha Chaudhry

Show 3 with Roland Chesters

Show 5 with Brett Sheldon

Show 7 with Lisa M Billingham

Show 9 with Ladey Adey

Show 11 with Jonathan Williams

Show 13 with Dominic Flint

Show 15 with Marco Bertagni

Show 17 with Donna Tashjian

Show 19 with Andrew Mullaney

Show 21 with Bernd Gibson

Show 23 with Touchstone 

Show 25 with Wendy Charlton

Show 27 with Mark McClain

Show 29 with Rachel Woodward Carrick

Show 31 with Lyndsay Coulton & Alexa Wooton

Show 33 with David Jarvis

Show 35 with Eileen Grubba Pt 1

Show 37 with Liam Kennedy

Show 39 with Sarah Kobrus

Show 41 with Keith Trubshaw

Show 43 with Ali bagley

Show 2 with Dexter Moscow

Show 4 with Sarah Spare

Show 6 with Dishi Attwood

Show 8 with Judith Germain

Show 10 with Gareth James

Show 12 with Jo Thompson

Show 14 with Dave Gregson

Show 16 with Chantal Cornelius

Show 18 with Jo Plimmer

Show 20 with Jane Osborne

Show 22 with Stephen Brotherton

Show 24 with George Simons

Show 26 with Lyndsay Turner

Show 28 with John May

Show 30 with Stephen Brotherton (Part 2)

Show 32 with Kevin Harvey

Show 34 with Sheila Wemborne

Show 36 with Eileen Grubba Pt 2

Show 38 with Maurice Perkins

Show 40 with Jacque Drain

Show 42 with William Buist