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Coming in January 2024

Be More in 24

Join Jacque & I for a full day event specifically designed by and for women in business who want 2024 to be their best year yet.

We will be giving you a fabulous day of personal and professional growth with lunch, speakers and activities all designed to make 2024 as successful as you know it can be.

Booking details coming soon but this is a small and exclusive event so numbers are very limited.

Our next live Emotional Grography Retreat is now in planning so watch this space.

“Having not met the group before in person I embraced my anticipation. Within an hour we were chatting in the cottage, sharing stories, connecting and empowering each other. Our creative afternoon and summer picnic was a special memory. The retreat was more than a weekend away. We made a safe environment, shared stories and closed emotional doors to the past, looking forward to the future. Now more than friends, thank you for the space to grow.” Jane Osborne

Below is a taste of what we got up to in the Lake District in Nov 22