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Changing a life, step by step

by Oct 13, 2020

I recently had a client that really struck a chord with me. She was outwardly confident and accomplished, an executive in the corporate world, mid 40s, married with two young children. She dressed to impress but prefers jeans, goes to the gym when she can but works long hours and is often tired. She has multiple responsibilities at work, a busy social life, children and a home to take care of and supports her husband in his work. She felt she’d reached a ceiling at work and now spends most of her time managing others rather than doing what she loves.

She told me that somewhere along the line she had lost herself, and  is now stuck in a cycle of doing everything for everyone else, rather than for her own health and wealth being She used to be really fun staying up late with friends getting drunk, had scuba diving holidays and danced all night. Now she feels that she’s just a mother, wife, boss, colleague with no sense of self. Her hard-won confidence, very much a front to start with, is leaving her. She knew that there was more out there but feels so guilty for resenting her situation as she has an amazing life, she lives in a lovely home she has a loving husband, beautiful children a great job and is financially secure. She decided to come to me when she finally decided that she needed help to clarify her mind and her direction so that she could get back to herself.

Over the course of our time together we had several breakthroughs, first of all stopping her from feeling guilty, really looking at the reality of her situation now, and the good stuff that she has now. From there we looked at what she really wanted to achieve. In essence she didn’t want to be doing the job she was doing anymore, she had a dream of a business that she could use her talents to set up and we worked together through her goals, the things that were holding her back and how she felt about everything. Ultimately as our time ended she went away feeling really positive, she had a direction, the fog had cleared from her mind, she knew that there was a great future for her and she knew what she had to do to get it. She really turned her life around.

Is this you? If it is don’t stay in that fog, don’t stay stuck, come and talk to me.