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by Feb 4, 2021

I am a Geographer of Emotions.

What does that mean, I hear you ask!

Well, in simple terms, I deliver personal and professional development courses, journeys and games, not just the usual practical advice (although you get loads of that), my courses also deal with the emotional issues that may be holding you back, causing you problems or stopping you from achieving your dreams.

So how do I do that?

In every course you will experience geo-emotional mapping. This process, this methodology based in Eliciting, Mapping and Managing Emotions (EMME), involves looking at your past, present and future through mapping, not just mapping places but mapping how you felt at the pivotal moments of your life. We create imaginary places named as a geographical feature plus an emotion. So you may map your first job as the ‘Peak of Optimism’ or the first time you were made redundant as the ‘Valley of Despair’.

By mapping this way you will discover so much about how you approach and deal with situations, what emotional armoury you carry and you will also be able to see how you can approach things differently to achieve your future dreams.

You would like to know more, yes?

From that initial mapping the courses then go on to give the information and benefits you would expect, however having done the mapping you will see things from a different, and more useable perspective.

Well, on Friday 5th February at 7pm you can join my free webinar: An Intro to Building a Practical and Resilient Foundation for Your Business. this course is aimed at any business owner, a 5 week course beginning 12th Feb 2021.

On Saturday 6th February at 7pm another free Webinar – An Intro to Developing Emotional Maturity in Children Through Stories and Games –

this course is aimed at teachers, parents and home educators.

Both intro events are free.

For the writers amongst you, I also run a Writing Skills Course for Coaches and Business Owners. 6 hours over three weeks. The next one starts on Tues 9th February and when you go to Eventbrite to book use promo code DISCO to get the course for just £150 – thats £100 off.

We also have loads of other events and courses on Eventbrite here –

So, come and see what we are about, check out our events, and make those changes you need to make to achieve your dreams.