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Got to get this out of my head

by Oct 15, 2020

I am a writer. Outside of coaching writing is my number one passion and I am so happy to be able to combine that passion with my coaching business.

Years ago I wrote a novel, based on my mums experiences during the war in New Zealand but I have lost the manuscript so I have a burning desire (but little time) to recreate that.

I have already published one book, The Coaches Resource Directory (available from Amazon in both e-book and paperback) and am now onto book 2, Nailing your Niche, which will be available very soon.

Do you have a passion, a thing that you love to do, that you wake up excited about, that you want to share? I hope so because life without a passion is a sad place to be.

Do you have a passion but find yourself so caught up in responsibility and busyness that you just cant find time for it (or you can but feel guilty about taking that time for yourself)? Come and talk to me, lets reignite that passion and bring colour and excitement back into your life.