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Life on Zoom

by Dec 17, 2020

This morning I had a meeting, a very important meeting, with a client. I had prepared well, looked my best and was ready. As usual the meeting was on zoom and i started the meeting early just in case my client was also early, I didn’t want to leave them in the waiting room.

Then I get an email, your zoom recording is ready for you to view. I had no idea I was filming but actually useful as I needed to clarify a couple of points from the call.

So there I am, meeting running, checking that I look ok, that I have all the documents I need, trying to settle my dog and so on. Eventually my client arrives and we have a very nice meeting for the next half hour.

So I clicked on view recording.

Well of course, all of my pre-meeting preening had been captured and it was a bloody hilarious watch. You just don’t realise how much you check yourself out when you can see yourself on screen.

I couldn’t watch it all as I had another zoom call at 10am with my peer group coaches, the most fantastic group of women you could ever hope to meet. Then walk the dog, then another call.

I write this between that last call and the next one.

Does anyone else have days like this, when you seem to be on calls all day? I have three more to do today. Don’t get me wrong, it is a source of joy and wonderment to be so busy in my business but today nothing is going to get done except talking (which I love by the way – well listening anyway).

I actually really enjoy zoom. No traveling, complete control of my day, no lugging laptop bags and paperwork around the country.

Looking forward to seeing more than just faces again though . . .