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Make Money Doing What You Love They Said . . .

by Aug 17, 2021

If you, like me, thought that you could build a business by spending all your time doing only what you love, then you will have very quickly found out that there is stuff to do that is not what you want to do.

If only I had been able to get some simple concise guidance on that from the start.

As a new coach, fresh out of my training with my shiny certificates and bundles of enthusiasm I honestly believed that all I needed to do was let people know that I was a coach now and clients would be lining up to hire me.

Cue rolling tumbleweed and vast silences . . .

Oh! Ok, I had a couple of clients, people who knew me already and wanted to support my business – God bless family and friends – but otherwise it was very, very quiet.

There are three key things I discovered that you must do as a new coach:

  1. Work out exactly what you do, and who you help, very specifically what (your niche) and who (your target market / ideal client)
  2. Spend a great deal of time doing everything you can to get seen and known by those people that you have identified as your target market / ideal client; and
  3. Set up a solid business foundation that ticks along nicely in the background, feeing you up to do the client finding and coaching that makes you money

I wasted so much time trying to work out how to do those three things. I took loads of courses, free webinars and challenges, read loads of complicated books and generally tried stuff out.

I have a corporate business background and have run my own businesses in the far distant past but that experience, whilst useful, did not really equip me fully for life as a coach, running my own coaching practice.

If only I had been able to get some simple concise guidance on this from the start.

Like you I wanted to:

  • Understand the mind set I needed to adopt as an entrepreneur
  • Have a simple way, a formula, for working out what and who my niche and ideal client is
  • Know how to get seen
  • Be able to create a realistic budget
  • Understand how to plan ahead for success
  • Know what and how to simplify all the administrative stuff
  • Know what equipment I needed to get started with courses and coaching sessions
  • How to manage clients from a business point of view, contracts and so on
  • Get some advice on setting up my website
  • Get simple information about marketing

My business is thriving now, (as I write this, I am nearing the end of my first year) and I am starting to see the dividends from all my efforts and learning. But it has taken me much longer than I thought it would, indeed it should have, if only I had been able to get some simple concise guidance on setting all this up from the start.

What do you want?

  • Simplicity?
  • Time and money saving processes?
  • Freedom to spend time actually coaching?
  • Do it yourself instead of having to pay someone?
  • Faster track to profit?
  • Peace of mind?
  • Concise guidance?

If only I had been able to get all this from the start.

Well, I learned the hard way, as did my fellow author and coach Susan Lane.

When we met, we realised we had gone through similar pain, and more than that, we wanted to take what we had learned and share it with you, to make your journey simpler, easier and more productive sooner.

And so, Love Coaching, Hate Business was born.

It is going to help you to:

  • Understand the mind set you need to have as an entrepreneur so that you can be more resilient to challenges and obstacles
  • Work out what and who your niche and ideal client is using a simple step by step formulated process so that you can target your ideal client in a more focused way
  • Get seen by your ideal client, so they know who you are and what you can do for them and why they should come to you for your service
  • Be able to create a realistic budget, to avoid nasty surprises and facilitate the longevity of your business
  • Understand how to plan ahead for success, set goals and targets that keep you motivated and on track as well as enabling you to prioritise what pays you the most
  • Know what and how to simplify all the administrative stuff, so you don’t have to pay for outsourcing and so that it doesn’t become a daily chore.
  • What equipment you need to get started with delivering your courses and coaching sessions, the money earners
  • Manage clients from a business point of view, making sure you and they are protected and all the legal stuff is sorted so you can have peace of mind
  • Think about whether or not to have a website and what kind of investment is going to work best for you in terms of client attraction and sales
  • Understand about marketing your business, simple things that will make you and your business more visible without costing the earth

So, you can get all this from the start.

It’s all in Love Coaching, Hate Business, Simple Steps to Building a Solid Business Foundation for your Coaching Practice. So you can focus on what makes you money.

The kindle edition will go live on 1st September 2021 for just £1.49 (rising to £4.99 from 2nd September) and you can pre-order your copy for the launch date by entering the code ASIN:B09CQG6V5G in any marketplace.

If, like me, you a) cannot wait or b) like a more tactile reading experience, the paperback is available on Amazon now for just £14.99. Just enter code ASIN: B09CRH7GJT on any marketplace to go straight to it.

Enjoy, and get your business up and running faster, smoother and more effectively today.