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So today has been a bit of a challenge

by Oct 12, 2020

Monday, been loving Monday’s lately. No waiting on a rainy cold train platform at 6.30am to get into Birmingham. Loving the work I do now. and I have been feeling really positive about everything lately.

However! Today I woke up feeling a bit meh, I went onto my friend Victoria’s webinar about calmness and Hugge and that really helped me to refocus (Search for VIK Inspired on the interwebby). Then I went to work and found myself locked out of Face Book awaiting a security check, WTF! I didn’t realise how much I depended on FB for communication with the outside world from my WFH office. Disaster.

And what happens when I get frustrated, uptight, out of control? Crisps happen, bread happens, basically a carbs comfort fest ensued, ending in cheesy chips.

Thankfully, I have now reframed my day into – wow look how much I have learnt about coping without face book and those chips were delicious. I am back in control, life is good again.

So, it’s raining but I’m not commuting, I’m a proper author now and my next book and course are in planning along with other new and exciting things to be announced soon.

I have finished the day by publishing my Coaches Resource Directory in paperback on Amazon. You can go and buy it there but better still, when you come to me for coaching for coaches 1 to 1 sessions you get a free, signed copy. (if you have already bought it I will knock the cost off your package fee).

Life is great when you have challenges and celebrate wins.

Talk soon, Ali x