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The Wings of Awareness

by Feb 22, 2023

Although we don’t often admit it, even to ourselves, we are, in fact, just lost in our everyday struggles to simply get by. What if you could just break free from the everyday and leap into an adventure that has the potential to make your everyday life so much better? How fabulous would that be, right! The Wings of Awareness is the leap you need to take to fulfil your potential, to give you the insight and perspective you need to make the positive changes for your future success.

In this article I am going to walk you through a few things that we can do to make every day better. To make our work and leisure time so much more than it is now.

1. Celebrate your inner child and you connect with yourself again, the real you, the child you were that had all the potential to be whatever you wanted to be.

Go and find pictures of yourself as a child. What do you see there? A future engineer, ballerina, doctor, maybe a train driver? What did you want to be when you grew up?

Answer that question and be honest, are you that person now? Did you achieve your childhood dreams? Did you settle for less? Could you still achieve your childhood dreams in some way?

That’s me on the right, ready to go on stage in a ballet when I was 5 years old. That image captures my inner child so completely. The little girl with the big dreams, she wanted to make people laugh, entertain and teach.

Fifty years went by before I looked at this picture again and reconnected with my inner child. During that time I didn’t really achieve any of those ambitions. The only time I got close was as a weight loss coach when I was teaching, entertaining for sure and in supporting people they were more able to laugh again. I gave it up when my Dad died and I couldn’t be there fully for my members.

The rest of the years were in various project roles from admin to proposal manager, ok but not my dream.

I had just become self employed after redundancy when I met Marco, played Pack Your Luggage, and found this picture as part of the game. It started an incredible chain of events that gave me wings, Wings of Awareness. Do you want to play?

2. Take a journey of discovery along the river of your life. See your story, clearly laid out in your unique geo-emotional map. A story to tell, a story to see from a whole new perspective, a story that enables you to plan into your brightest future.

After Pack Your Luggage Marco took me through his geo-emotional mapping methodology. I had trained as a life coach, NLP, all that jazz but had never seen a process that so quickly, beautifully and clearly helped me to see myself as I really was. Yes warts and all, but boy had I achieved some great things in my life, many of which had been hidden behind my limiting beliefs or been knocked out of my consciousness by bullying and narcissistic abuse. I realised, very clearly that I had skills, qualities, something to offer others from all that I had learned.

I became the teacher I had always wanted to be because I had remembered my inner child’s dream and had recognised the skills and experience and knowledge I could share. It was an immense joy to have discovered my vocation again and be given the self-awareness to know that I could succeed in it. Do you want your own map?


3. Heal your body and mind. You matter. Let me say that again, YOU MATTER. If you are not functioning well in mind and body then you aren’t able to fully deliver in any area of your life. When you map geo-emotionally you are able to see with great clarity where you are struggling. Be that in your physical or mental health.

I discovered that I had a really toxic relationship with food, using it as both a punishment and a reward. I’m still working on healing that, it’s going to take time, but at least I now realise that this is the root of both my physical and mental health issues.

Are you well, in mind and body? Do you know where you need support and guidance or how to get the help you need? I am about to do a hypnotherapy course, my friend Jacque is helping me with Reiki, my friend Gloria is helping me with Ancestral Healing. Both will be supporting me and Marco in June when we bring our 3 day immersive self discovery adventure to the Cotswolds. Do you want to be there, to play, to map and to get support?

4. Look at things another way. Crikey, we get so caught up in life sometimes we don’t even see or register what’s happening around us. Head down, working, cooking, cleaning, watching TV. We miss so much. Even if we go out, to town or even to an event or walking in the country, do we actually see the things around us? Have you lost touch with the world in terms of actually feeling it?

Not only does Pack Your Luggage and Geo-Emotional Mapping help you to be more aware of yourself inside and out, it gives you a fresh perspective on the world around you and we play more games that connect us to this.

On our Wings of Awareness adventure in June, we are going to spend some time in Oxford, a beautiful and incredibly historic city. You will take a guided tour with us that is somewhat different to the usual tour guide experience.

You will learn how to ‘feel’ a place and connect with it in new ways. You will play games that make you think, make you search, make you connect. You will grow in terms of your awareness and will appreciate a whole new world you may never have visited before. Do you want to do that?

5. Take time out for good food and company, eat, drink, laugh, share stories, make connections for the soul. Play, the greatest way to learn, to have fun and to bring people together in trust and friendship.

Imagine the scene: a group of people, all looking for new connections, for adventure, for fun, they are standing and sitting in a beautiful garden on a warm June evening. In the corner of the garden the men, as men do, have taken over the BBQ and the smell of cooking sausages if floating in the balmy evening air. Phones have been turned off, there is no TV. Just people, food, drink and chatter. Stories are being told, there is laughter and sighs of relaxed contentment. Are you there, in the picture? Do you want to be?

Are you ready for a 3-day immersive adventure into you? 

Open your wings of awareness from Friday 9th June to Monday 12th June 2023, take that leap, spread your wings and join us in the Cotswolds for an adventure that may change your whole perspective.

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Where you will find out all about the adventure and how you can be a part of it.

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